Sitemap for  user:

I Parts of the portal:

1) Home – Every month on 15th appears here
a new video-story about the wildlife and nature, made by channel.

2) Nature channel – there are all wildlife video
clips which are made by channel.

3) Nature videos - all nature videos submitted by registered users,
divided into categories under the drop-down menu, to make it easier to navigate through content.

  • Birds in the city
  • Animals in the city
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Macro
  • Sounds of nature
  • Waterworld
  • Humans and nature
  • Moments in nature

4) Film blog – a blog about shooting a wildlife film and photo gallery .

5) News – news related to nature and wildlife film.

6) Contests (the page is currently under construction) – different
wildlife-related contests, where registered users can submit video,
photographic and written materials.

7) Forum – a place to exchange experiences and skills related to
wildlife filming.

8) Units (the page is currently under construction) – description and
contact information of organizations dealing with nature.

9) Sitemap –  a sitemap for users.

10) Contact – here you can write a letter to the editors of

11) The moon – at the end of the menu bar you can find the current
status of the moon. It's useful to know since the moon affects the
processes of nature.

II Conditions for registration:

  • Both First and Last name are required for registration.
  • The owner of an account can upload only works made by her - or himself to the portal,
    being responsible for the distribution rights of her- or his creation.
  • There is a one account per person limit. Violation will result in termination of both accounts.

III Registered users:

  • Can add their own nature videos to be viewed by international audiences.
  • Can participate in active contests (not only for nature videos, but
    also nature photography as well as written materials) to win recognition and awards.

  • Can actively participate in discussion forums and post comments.


IV Uploading videos:


  • Upload your video to
  • In the video privacy settings choose the option to be visible by anyone and anywhere.
  • Click "Share" in the top right corner and copy the embed code from the window that opens.
  • Paste the code to the Animalcity video submission form in the field labeled "video embed code".

Please write to us if you have any