Gulls in the city

The blog tells about the shootings of a wildlife film called "The gull theorem" on the streets and rooftops in Tallinn. The main character in this film is a gull and it's family. The writers of the blog are Mattias Veermets and Joosep Matjus. Also watch the conceptual draft of the "The gull theorem".

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Filming equipment on the roof

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Filming on the roof

After a week that we spent in Võrumaa filming a short-film, we are back in the capital to capture again the life of the seagulls in the urban space. In spite of the midday sun the birds are quite alert and circle above our heads in several numbers when we reach the lower roof. For our surprise old friends act as if they had entirely forgotten our warm relations. The reason is ofcourse the two chicks who waddle on the roof behind the nest. Already at my first attempt to climb to the higher roof where we mostly shoot, a big and strong female bird rose from the back of the roof and started fearlessly attacking me.

It took more than several hours for the mother bird to get enough used to us to lose guard and give us the opportunity to climb to the higher roof. The attempts to reach our tent took in turn more time like for the tactical law enforcement team – crawling from one corner to the other and then taking cover again. Luckily the male bird who showed less courage and interest in us, replaced the female bird at some point and that gave us a lot of freedom of movement. For the end of the day we finally reached our earlier tent spot and for testing purposes took the tent even higher on a small platform from where a much better shooting angle revealed.

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